Issey Miyake Watches

…imagination and technology…


Issey Miyake’s basic philosophy is the continuing focus on the importance of imagination and the development of new technology in which to make clothing and jewelry.

Issey Miyake is an internationally renowned designer. Inheriting his spirit of innovative product creation with the goal of enhancing people’s daily lives, Miyake staff constantly search for ways to incorporate the joy of life into the company’s creations.

Issey Miyake values free thinking that is unconventional – Thinking that takes into consideration the spirit of creation, curiosity and love as a universal expression.

O seriesplease_seriesTo seriesTo Automatic seriesTrapezoid seriesTwelve seriesTwelve 365 seriesVakio seriesv_seriesVue seriesW seriesW-mini seriesw_automatic_series


TMI is the sole authorized US distributor of Issey Miyake watches.

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